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A warm welcome from
the Picech family

Embrace the essence of the rolling hills: there is a whole new lifestyle waiting to be enjoyed.


The winery and vineyards are in a place called Pradis, which is near Cormòns in the rolling Collio hills: an enchanting area where you will find unique wines and a warm welcome.


The Collio area benefits from the mild climate typically found around the Adriatic, while the Bora wind keeps moisture levels down and thus promotes healthy grape ripening.


The locals use the name “ponca” to refer to the type of soil, which contains layers of marl and sandstone dating back to the Eocene Epoch. Its rich composition makes it ideal for growing vines.


For us, “sustainability” means making wine while striving to preserve natural resources for future generations. We have been operating with a certified organic management system for years.


We have a natural, efficient and totally eco-friendly heating system.
Since 2019, a new boiler that runs on wood from the local area is used to heat all of our buildings.


90% of our electricity is produced by our photovoltaic system, which has been in operation since 2009. We buy the remaining 10% from renewable energy providers.


Roberto and Alessia

We show great passion when growing our vines and masterful, meticulous care when using the grapes from them to make our wine. Everything is done with great respect for the natural world around us and the traditions and experience that we have built up over the years. We have always followed the same path and strived to champion the Collio area, so that we can leave solid roots for our children.



A unique bond built on vines, wines and love


The strength and sound judgement of a real Collio woman. Dedicated to Jelka Sirk..


Roots, life and traditions. Our take on wine today. Dedicated to Athena Picech..


Like a ruby. Passion, warmth and harmony. The vitality of life. Dedicated to Ruben Picech..



Wines whose roots lie in Picéch Family history


Ribel was particularly fond of our Friulano, which embodies the spirit of the past..


We have the bold, refined qualities of the grapes to thank for a wine in which we have great belief. It epitomizes our company’s philosophy and the essence of our homeland..


The vineyards on the Pradis hills face south and give outstanding length and complexity to the refined grapes..


This enticingly snappy and easy-drinking red is packed with docile, solidly arrayed tannins..

Collio Atto Unico

Sometimes life leads us down unexpected paths. In 2018, we accepted the challenge of following one of them.
ATTO UNICO is all about the strength and simplicity at the heart of our everyday working and personal lives. We wanted to give you a taste of them.

Atto Unico came about almost by chance and it is destined to be a one-off. The unpredictable nature of work and life put paid to our initial plans but our ability to adapt to change has given rise to a highly original wine with a unique style that breaks with tradition. Roberto Picéch listened to his heart and his gut instinct when he made Atto Unico. There is no pride in his words when he describes it, just a mild sense of acquiescence and the joy of sharing it with loved ones.

Flavio Milani ComproPiù

Love for vines runs through Roberto Picéch’s veins. His family has tended the same vineyard since 1920: first his grandfather Giuseppe worked there, then his father Egidio. During his time, Roberto has expanded it and introduced organic methods. When you get to know him, you start to realize how much he loves the area where he lives and how much passion can be poured into a bottle. There are five bedrooms in the family’s delightful agritourism establishment, which is surrounded by vineyards on Pradis hill.

Slow Wine


Holidays in our home