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“To my mother, Jelka Sirk”.
Bianco Jelka is dedicated to a sweet, discreet woman who devoted her whole life to building up the business that we are now able to run wonderfully smoothly thanks to her tireless efforts.
Made exclusively with grapes from old, native Ribolla Gialla, Friulano and Malvasia vines, this is a flagship wine for the local area. We have now decided to revitalize Jelka by giving it a fresh look and striving to take it to ever greater heights.
During the wine-making process, select bunches of Friulano grapes are destemmed before undergoing 15 days of maceration in large barrels. Neither temperature control systems nor selected yeasts are used. The wine is left in a large barrel for one year. The Ribolla Gialla and Malvasia grapes are fermented and aged for one year in select mid-sized casks. The wine is subsequently blended in concrete vats, where it remains for nearly three years. Jelka is then aged in the bottle. It does not go on sale until at least five years have passed since the grape harvest.